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The Grand Finale

Posted on: December 23, 2008

To me new media is like a toddler.  You can start seeing their personality, their look and style, but it is not in full bloom yet.  That is how I feel about new media.  It is like Columbus when he discovered America.  Little did he know that how much land there really is in North America. 

New media has so many challenges and so many opportunities.   Within five years it has ballooned into a new media frenzy and it has only scratched the surface.  Public relations companies are discovering unchartered territory.  Advertising agencies are excited with the opportunities that lie ahead.  For the first time in a long time, creativity is back.

Over the last nine weeks, we have discovered blogs, advertorials, short films, mobile-2-mobile marketing and several other new media outlets.  This is fun and exciting, which is something we all have been waiting to feel.  Traditional marketing had become stale and new media jazzed it up.   Competitive pressure is mounting between companies, which encourages dishonest behaviors.  Ethics are being thrown back into the mix and the pressure to make money in today’s economy is more stressful than ever.  

Needless to say, let the games begin!  New media is here to stay!

Enjoy reading my blog!


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