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Flashy Website…But Usable?

Posted on: December 23, 2008

There is always the desire to make a really flashy website that will wow the consumer, but after the wow you need the usability.  There are 10 things 

Design for the common denominator – There is a particular place for certain things for a website.  For example the logo should be on the upper left corner, Contact Us should be on every page and Search should be on the top right.  These simple positioning tools will give the customer a comfortability about the website because they have a help line if they need to use it. 

Keep it Sticky – The quote from says it all about “Keep it Sticky.”  What brings you back to any of the websites you visit on a regular basis? Generally, you will come back for a few reasons, primarily content. Teach me something and I’ll come back for more. Entertain me, make me laugh, and I’ll come back for more. Stir any of my emotions, and I’ll come back for more. Show me something new and I’ll come back because I’m nosey. Plant ideas in my head, and I’ll feel empowered. Fail to keep your website fresh, with fresh content and neither search engines or visitors will come back for more.”  Basically, be interesting and not boring. 

Keep it Simple – Simplicity is key because it won’t overwhelm the customer.  The company needs to answer their questions and not overload them with useless information.

Common Sense Tactics – People are actually easily scared online.  Use common sense when designing a website.   What turns you away from a website?  Flashing banners = advertisements.  Don’t be too flashy. 

Make it sexy. But not too revealing. – Hiring someone to professionally design the website is worth it.  The right designer will give you a great layout to build onto for future advancement and evolution of the website.    

Make it lightweight.  Cache while you can. – Simply don’t make the site slow.  The slower the website the more frustrated the visitor will become. 

Give users control – Giving the visitors control over the size of the font and what they want to click on that matches their interests would be worth a company’s while.  Visitors like to be in control of their surfing.

Leave out the gimmicks – Flash introductions are the annoying feature on the Internet.  Most people press the skip permanently button.

Maintain Consistency – Each page should have a similar layout with the links on the left and the navigational tools at the top.  The more organized the website, the less frustrated visitors become.

Clean Layout – A good combination of colors and a clean look will attract customers and welcome them back. 

These are the basic top 10 for website design.  The design is important to a company’s online image.  The idea is to get repeat visitors and for the visitors to take action.  Following these simple steps will give you a step up on many companies who try to be too flashy and less user-friendly. 




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