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Advertorials Cross the Line

Posted on: December 23, 2008

The problem with advertorials is that sometimes they really are newsworthy and they make a ton of money.  With decreasing advertising spending due to the current state of the economy, advertorials are still bringing in significant revenue.  Once again, this is a dilemma because it depends on the advertorial itself as to whether it is unethical or not.  This again makes new media such a controversial approach to advertising because it depends on the company’s approach and ethical values.  Are they there to give the truth, just persuade the consumer or both?     

 “The wall between advertising and editorial is crumbling in one of the places Internet purists hold most sacred: search engines. A few years ago, the idea of tainting search results with paid listings set off an industry fury. But in today’s economic climate, what once was unthinkable by the most successful search engines is now being accepted as status quo and a means to eking out desperately needed online ad revenue.” (Ramos 2008). 

People are confused more than ever as to what is real and what is advertising.  This is detrimental to the e-commerce world because consumers are putting up walls and resisting information.  Traditional word-of-mouth marketing is the only true credibility that remains in the world of advertising.  

Even those that work with advertorials see that there is a line with them.  “When used right, advertorial pages can help you grow in new categories and do smart business,” said David Carey, publisher of The New Yorker, part of Cond Nast unit of Advance Publications. “When used wrongly, they can inflate your P.I.B. count and hurt your P & L,” or profits and losses.


Ramos, James. (2008). WVU: Lesson 9.  Retrieved on Decembe  22, 2008 from


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