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Barack Obama’s In-game Advertising

Posted on: December 22, 2008

You really have to hand it to President-Elect Barack Obama for the structure of his presidential campaign.  He knew that his mark was the younger generation and he ran with it.  I think it is so interesting that he used in-game advertising as part of his campaign.  How much did it cost 2008 US Presidential Candidate Barack Obama to put ads inside of Burnout Paradise and other titles? According to a Federal Election Commission filing (via Gamespot), Obama’s campaign sent $44,465.78 to Massive Incorporated to run in-game advertisements, from October 6 to November 3, in 18 separate titles. The real winner of these in-game ads, of course, was Tim the Paradise City Street Sweeper.

Obama also worked with Electronic Arts for in-game advertising.  Holly Rockwood, director of corporate communications at Electronic Arts, said, “I can confirm that the Obama campaign has paid for in-game advertising in Burnout.  Like most television, radio and print outlets, we accept advertising from credible political candidates.  Like political spots on the television networks, these ads do not reflect the political policies of EA or the opinions of its development teams.”

Now, this is creative advertising.  Who would have thought 10 years ago that a presidential candidate would be using in-game advertising?  His creativity had a big part in him winning the election.  He knew his market and he ran with it.   

 What was really interesting is that Massive Incorporated approached the McCain camp to do in-game advertising as well.  This shows that new media and the youth of America had a big impact on the election.     



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